Spring of Life

Engages children from ages 2-12 years, teaching them biblical truths and showing them practical ways to live them out. This we do in an atmosphere that allows each child to thrive and grow in Christ.


A group of teenagers ages 13 and 17 years. We equip them with the truth of the Word of God, to enable them to withstand pressures, stand for Him at all times, impact their environments, and take responsibility.


Our Young Adults and Singles ministry comprise of vibrant, warm and dynamic individuals. In an atmosphere that challenges them to be all that God has created them to be, this group is prepared and equipped to take on the world, be it in their colleges, careers, vocations, and relationships.

Fountain of Praise

The worship team of FOL. As Levites, they lead us into the awesome presence of the Most High in high praise and life-transforming worship.

Caleb Generation

These are our men of valor, who take bold steps and stop at nothing in overcoming challenges and obtaining every promise God has given in all spheres of their lives.

P.I.C. Women

Are ladies of Purpose, Inner Beauty, and Courage! We are women who know we are in Christ, love him passionately, and love others genuinely. We live purpose-driven lives, evidenced by fruitfulness in our endeavors.

Promise Keepers

Our Couples Ministry, where we foster and nurture our marital relationships, and develop them into models of godly homes, as originally intended by God. We do this in many insightful, fun and practical ways.

Missio Dei (Sent by God)

This is our Outreach, Missions, and Benevolence arm. We reach out to others in our communities by showing them the love of God in practical ways via giving of our resources – time, talents and financial

“All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.”


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